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Sew Fun


                         631 754-2010                                                                   


         Welcome to Sew Fun!

sew fun northport, sew fun

Celebrating Our 19th 

anniversary in 2024

Sew Fun! is a sewing studio nestled in Northport VILLAGE LOCATED at 81 Scudder Ave.


Children, teens and adults learn this life skill in a warm, relaxing atmosphere that encourages creativity and self expression.


Whether you are trying to start a new fashion trend, revisit a classic one, build your portfolio in preparation for college or create your cosplay costume, Sew Fun! can help you with all of your sewing needs.

sew fun, sew fun northport
sew fun







Sew Fun! Welcomes Daisy, Brownie, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops to assist in their badge requirements and community service endeavors. 

sew fun,  sew fun northport

       Memory Quilts


Ask Judy to custom design a memory quilt for your loved one. Great for graduation, anniversary, birthday gifts and baby gifts. Please allow 6 weeks.

sew fun, sew fun northport






sew fun, sew fun northport

Morning and afternoon camps combined with 1-day workshops and pay-as-you-sew classes make for an exciting and productive summer. Summer 2023 schedule WILL BE available NEXT SPRING!

Gift Certificates

available upon request.

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