Hello Everyone!

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy amidst the new Corona normal. My family and I are well and looking forward to the re-opening of Long Island, NYC and Sew Fun!

Sew Fun! has remained open in a lighter and different capacity through the pandemic. I have marketed a variety of facial coverings and have been busy with memory quilts to keep the studio afloat without the bustle of children’s and adult classes.

On Monday June 29th, I intend to open the studio for limited summer classes. Sew Fun! has always enjoyed a small class size so the adjustments for social distancing will be minimal.

The maximum class size for the summer will be 4 students. Our classes have a wide age range. Older students may have come to terms with wearing a facial covering; however, I expect it will take younger students a bit longer to embrace the safety request. As a mom and a teacher, I have given this a good deal of thought. I respectfully ask that all students and caregivers who enter the studio wear a face covering. Students may remove coverings as they sew independently at their own workspace. Tables will be spaced 6 feet apart. I will wear a mask as I assist children then remove it as we settle into our own tasks away from each other. When the children are walking around the studio socializing, I will ask that they wear their face coverings, as will I. Sewing machines and tools will be wiped down after each class. Table coverings will be changed in between classes. If you have any input or questions, I welcome your feedback.

Students who were enrolled in my Late Winter session that ended before we were able to complete 6 weeks, have hours owed to them. I will allow makeup classes through the end of August. I will contact each family individually with the amount of time necessary to complete the session.
My summer schedule will be available online(www.sewfunnorthport.com) June 15th. I will be making adjustments to have more pay-as-sew hours to allow students the option of coming once or twice a week in addition to the 5 consecutive days option.

I would like to extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you who checked in on my small business these past months. Your support and encouraging words have meant more to my family and I than you could ever know.

Sincerely, Judy